Chef Erin Horton
CIA trained chef, National Award Winner, Featured Chef in the cookbook “The Artist’s Palate”

Before I knew how to multiply or write in cursive, I knew I had a passion for food.  My earliest memories are of sitting next to my father on our huge weathered butcher block in our log home kitchen as he made egg rolls and peanut sauce from scratch. A few years later I started making recipes of my own–a taste of what was to come.

My early childhood was spent in the country around my mom’s bountiful organic gardens. Every night before dinner, my sister and I would get a basket and search the garden for whatever was ripe, which was eventually transformed into dinner. Every morning we would go to the chicken coop and gather eggs–a great breakfast and treats for the neighbors.
After four uninspired years drudging through college, I had an epiphany: “I need to get out of here and do what I love!” I was accepted into the Culinary Arts program at CIA–the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  I remember walking onto campus the first day of classes and throwing my arms in the air in triumph! It was truly a dream come true. After graduating in 2000, I worked as a pastry chef, caterer, line cook, restaurant general manager and an executive chef.

A highlight of my career was being chosen for the travel team of Master Chef Roland Henin. I spent three years traveling with and learning from him as we created inspiring cuisine at destinations across North America.

tomatoesAfter working in California and Colorado, my husband and I returned to Buffalo where I have expanded my culinary expertise. My zest for creating great food continues to grow.

Today I live in the same log house where my father chopped on the butcher block. Life has come full circle as my children are now the ones exploring the gardens and collecting the chickens’ eggs. Life is good.

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